Whether you live in New York state or not, you’ve definitely heard of the SUNY system. I’m here to say that SUNY is the best state system in the country for all the reasons listed below. So if you’re a current or prospective SUNY student, read on and be convinced of SUNY's amazingness!

1. Low Cost

SUNY is one of the most reasonably priced college systems in the country. The chart above says it all. If you’re looking for quality education at a relatively low price, SUNY is a great option.

2. Online Courses

SUNY offers over 22,000 online courses - this provides its students with a ton of flexibility. Unable to take time off work or simply don’t want to commute to a campus that’s miles away? Not a problem!

3. Admirable Alumni

SUNY has a huge alumni network, and not to say that each and every alumnus isn’t special in their own way, but there are a few notable alumni that have gone on to be pretty famous. Michael Kors, Calvin Klein, Al Roker, Stanley Tucci, and Harvey Milk, are just a few of those people.

4. Unique Course Offerings

SUNY offers some of the most extraordinary courses out there for college students. From a course on “Breaking Bad” offered in the English department at the University of Buffalo, to a tree climbing course offered at Binghamton, to other courses on everything from the History of European Witchcraft to Pet Apparel Fashion and Design, there really is a subject out there for everyone.

5. Hilarious Mascots

SUNY is known for some rather hilarious mascots. The entire school system has more than 45 college mascots, with some of the most unusual being a seawolf (I don't know what that is but it sounds intimidating), an acorn (yes, seriously), and a bearcat. In fact, every year SUNY hosts a contest called SUNY Mascot Madness where people can vote for New York’s favourite college mascot.

6. Study Abroad Programs

Looking to bring your SUNY experience to the next level? You’re in luck! SUNY has an amazing study abroad program! With over 600 overseas programs offered in more than 60 countries and in all 7 continents, there’s really no excuse not to escape the Buffalo winter.

7. The Application Process is Simple

Let’s be honest, applying to colleges is ridiculously convoluted and stressful. SUNY makes it easy. Planning on applying to more than one college in the SUNY system? You only have to complete one application! Simple & efficient.

8. The SUNY Anthem

Yes, that’s right. SUNY has their own anthem - and not just an old boring anthem, a hip hop anthem! The anthem was recorded by B. Martin, a former student at SUNY Albany, and the opening lyrics are as follows: “Let ’em know you go to S-U-N-Y. When you go to SUNY, you’re on the right road, so if you want to dream, then come and join the team.” This has got to be the best college anthem in existence. Check out the full video here.

9. SUNY Korea

SUNY Korea is the first American university to be established in Korea. Opened in 2012, SUNY Korea currently offers undergraduate and graduate programs from Stony Brook University, meaning the courses are identical and the faculty comes from SBU. This could be a great study abroad option for those that want to earn credits towards their degree while living in a new country. You can find more information here.

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