Easter doesn’t just mean no class, it also means the start of Spring - and chocolate (you can’t forget chocolate). So while you may be used to celebrating Easter at home or at church, there are a few fun and different ways to celebrate Easter while in college! Grab your friends and spend a wonderful weekend enjoying the new season and eating rabbit-shaped chocolate.

1. Have an easter egg hunt in your dorm

Just because you’re no longer 10, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have an Easter egg hunt (seriously, they are no less fun the older you get). Grab some friends and some chocolate and host an Easter egg hunt wherever you like… in your dorm, on campus, even at a local park if the weather’s nice! You can grab cheap chocolate and plastic eggs to put them in at the dollar store.

2. Go out to brunch

What better way to celebrate Easter than by indulging in a delicious, hearty brunch. Think pancakes, french toast, and omelettes!

3. Have a picnic

Now that it’s officially spring, it’s time for a picnic! Before everyone gets too busy with exams, take this opportunity to spend some time outdoors. Find a nice park near you, a cozy blanket (red gingham preferably), and invite your friends to a potluck picnic.

4. Bake this bunny cupcake cake

Check out this adorable bunny cake. Not only is it fun and easy to make but it’s easy to share with all your college friends. Get the recipe here.

5. Fly a kite!

Grab some friends and enjoy the spring air. You can find a cheap kite at your local dollar store!

6. Do some spring cleaning

This may not be the most exciting way to celebrate Easter, but it will be helpful in the long run. With exams on the way, you know that you and your roommates are likely going to start neglecting the apartment. So take this opportunity to dust, swiffer, vacuum and wash every surface in your apartment! It may also be a good idea to get rid of any clothes that you no longer wear - trust me, you’ll feel way more organized and relaxed once you’ve done this.

7. How about some spring shopping?

The stores really don’t care if the weather isn’t super warm yet, they’re going to start stocking spring & summer clothes. Even if you won’t be able to wear them for a few more weeks, indulge in the array of pastel colours, tropical bathing suits, floral sundresses, and boho sandals and prepare yourself for summer to come.

8. Dye Easter eggs

Do a craft with your friends! And what better way to celebrate Easter than by making Easter eggs? They’re simple, inexpensive, and colourful. Check out this DIY recipe here.

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