Stressed about the AP Biology exam? Why not get help from someone who knows what you’re going through - your fellow students! If you don’t personally know someone that has taken the AP Bio Exam in a previous year, then do some searching on the internet or on Facebook, you’ll be surprised how many people you can connect with. Although former students are a great resource, remember that the curriculum often changes, so keep in mind that just because a former student studied it, doesn’t mean you necessarily should.

Tip #1: “I got a study guide/student's companion to my textbook... they had like 20 multiple choice questions for each chapter. I answered those questions and made sure I really understood why each answer was what it was. Ironically (note the sarcasm =P), very similar questions almost always showed up on the tests.- Caroline

Tip #2:Check out Bozeman's and Hank's Crash Course series on Youtube. They're great for cramming and helping you learn the info” - Zeppelin7

Tip #3: “1. I hated plants so much. You should know them well. Especially photosynthesis, phototropism, etc.
2. If you are bad at biochemistry, that is a major problem. Fix it ASAP.
3. Ecology is part of the curriculum, but it’s a small part. However, you should know ecology well, but you won't have to know it as thoroughly as, for example, evolution.
4. You better know evolution and you better know it well.
6. This class is much less memorization than it used to be, but it help to memorize things.
7. Study. This cannot be stressed enough. As straightforward as this class is, you need to take it seriously.” - CCStudent1234

Tip #4: The only advice I give is DO ALL THE FRQ ONLINE. Seriously, I gave up the day before after 2 hours of Barron's and did all of the old ones and found patterns on what they looked for. The test was really easy then. The FRQ was honestly the easier section after I figured out what CollegeBoard actually grades.” - nishaus

Tip #5: “The best way to prepare for them (and for the FRQs too) is to go to the textbook. I know, I know, no one wants to go to that 19452101-pound book, but it really is helpful. My teacher told me they wrote Campbell by first designing the figures/pictures, and THEN writing the text to explain them. Using this information, i decided to just look at and understand the pictures in the book rather than reading, since the text is an expanded version of the pictures. I distinctly remember one MC question that dealt with genetics. I couldn't for the life of me remember the answer, but there was good news: the question mentioned flies and chromosomes. I remember looking at a diagram in Campbell of flies and chromosomes, and picked out the answer immediately. I'd recommend doing this especially if you're a visual learner.” - turnips8

Tip #6: “Read Barron's twice all the way through (every freakin' chapter, reproduction was a mess) and referred back to the huge Campbell book throughout the year. I watched some Crash Course videos when it got closer to the exam, but the Campbell book/Barron's were the most useful. Make sure to study ALL THE BIO MATH. STUDY Q10, STANDARD DEVIATION!!!”- sillyface

Tip #7: “Study the labs. You don't necessarily need to study procedure that much, but you should have a general idea in case an FRQ asks you to set up a lab. Cells are a big part of the exam, so definitely know that. Understand human body systems REALLY well. Immune system, nervous system were big parts of my exam. Do tons of genetics practice problems. Hardy-Weinberg, Punnet Squares (memorize the common crosses, like dihybrid monocross, and others), etc. Evolution is a small part of the exam. Look at the AP Bio correlation for your textbook.” - Smargent

Tip #8: “The textbooks do go into WAY more depth than is needed for the AP exam. I think getting a review book is a great idea, but you should probably still keep the textbook for more in-depth study of the Big Ideas on CollegeBoard's website or in case you need more explanation than the review book provides. I also recommend watching Bozeman Science's videos on YouTube; he's great! Good luck.” - ashleybear97

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