McGill is a great university (recognized as such both within Canada and around the world), but there are a few things in particular that give it an extra edge. If you’re currently a McGill student, there are several reasons you should count yourself lucky to attend such a prestigious institution. Here are the top eight:

1. Orientation Week

McGill’s orientation programs are some of the best in the country. Not only do they introduce new students to the campus and the greater city of Montreal, but they are tons of fun. Plus, orientation groups are divided up based on faculty, so it guarantees you an opportunity to meet people outside of your residence! Past orientation themes have ranged from the Frosh Prince of Bel-Arts to Willy Wonka Candy Frosh to The Frosh Awakens.

2. The Campus

McGill’s campus is beautiful all year-round. The old-ivy covered buildings and fields that appear as soon as you enter Roddick Gates make it feel like an oasis within the bustling downtown core of Montreal. Seriously, it’s stunning whether covered in snow or leaves.

3. Location

McGill has the best location of any university in Montreal. It’s right next to downtown, making it easy to go shopping or see a movie in between classes. It’s also located on Mont Royal, perfect for a mid-day hike or run. AND it’s in close proximity to the super hip Plateau and Mile End.

4. The Residences

McGill has a wide variety of residences to suit all types of first-years. There are the classic dorms (Upper Res), apartment-style residences (Solin, Greenbriar) or the lavish hotels-converted-into-student-housing buildings (New Residence, Carrefour, La Citadelle). Queen beds and your own personal TV? Nothing wrong with that!

5. The Libraries

There is no shortage of libraries at McGill. From the more modern McLennan Library to the Hogwarts-esque Islamic Studies Library, there are so many places to study on campus. Be sure to check out the Rare Books Collection on the 4th Floor of McLennan!

6. Student-Run Everything

McGill is known for its very active student body. Accordingly, McGill has plenty of student-run organizations. TNC is a student run theatre in which students write, direct, and star in plays. SNAX is the student-run cafe located in Leacock. They only take cash but have a wide variety of delicious treats (and coffee to get you through that 8:30am lecture). And finally, there is the McGill Daily, McGill’s very own student newspaper.

7. The International Student Body

Given McGill’s international reputation, it is not surprising that there is such a prominent international presence. Students choose to attend McGill from all over the world. While some come to McGill for a few short months on exchange, many choose to complete their undergraduate degrees.  

8. Samosas

Samosas are a staple at McGill - there’s even a twitter account dedicated to them (@Samosatopia). They are delicious and cheap, perfect for any student! You will find various clubs selling samosas pretty much every day of the week. Be sure to get to Leacock or McConnell by noon so they’re still fresh!

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