At GradeSlam we are all about being the best. In order to be the best, you need to do the little things right. Each one of these tips will help improve your marketability and allow you to help more students succeed!

Here are GradeSlam’s 7 Tips on How to Make Yourself a Marketable Tutor

1-A Picture is Worth 1000 Words.

Having a professional looking profile picture can make all the difference. It doesn’t need to be taken by a professional, but asking a friend to take a picture with that fancy phone of yours is a good idea. Bonus is if you have a friend who takes awesome pictures. Check out these examples of our current tutors -

2-A Video is Worth 1M Words.

Parents and students trust tutors they know will be able to teach the material properly. On top of the fact that the tutorial videos are required to certify you in each subject, they also display your mastery of a topic.

The more you have, the more likely you are to get booked.

3-Toot your own Horn.

We might be humble here at GradeSlam, but you certainly shouldn’t be. Blow people away with your impressive accolades and academic background. You biography should tell parents why you are the best of the best.

4-Check Yourself.

Get your background check done. Seriously. It takes only a couple minutes and you can do it from where you are sitting right now.

If you have not already, it is a paramount component to parents booking you. On top of using it with GradeSlam, you will have access to your results for other jobs and volunteer positions who require it.

To get it started check out your Tutor Settings page -

Note: The background check is only active for tutors in Canada. The American background check service will be set up shortly.

5-Get Ratings.

Ratings & Reviews give new parents and students the opportunity to see how amazing of a tutor you really are. By encouraging a review after each session, you will build up your credibility and ultimately show that you are the expert you say you are.

6-All the Small Things.

There are a few details that tutors are required to do in order to get their accounts set up. DO THEM! Everything can be found on your Tutor Settings Page at

Make sure you set up your payment information, set a travel range, choose a competitive hourly rate, and include up to date educational background information (including where you are studying now!)


Getting yourself known to parents and students is important, it creates reputation. By liking and commenting on other tutors’ resources, you are getting your name out there. We even gave all our certified tutors a special little “tutor” tag when they post.

GradeSlam is dedicated to creating jobs and giving opportunities to our educators. By improving your marketability, you will stand out even more among our AMAZING tutors.