Wilfrid Laurier University is truly unique amongst Ontario universities. If you’re a prospective student, an alumni, or a current student, we hope this list reminds you of why you’ll never want to be anything other than a Golden Hawk.

1. The Golden Hawks

Laurier has one of the best athletics program in all of Ontario, and the whole university gets behind them (see #2). Even if you try and fight it, you will look like the students above in a very short period of time.

2. Homecoming

Laurier’s Homecoming is amazing! It’s basically a giant weekend-long party that the whole campus participates in. Again, you will be decked out in purple and gold (while attending a football game, hopefully against Western).

3. St. Patrick’s Day

St. Patrick’s on Ezra is seriously a thing of beauty. Once again, it feels like the whole campus is celebrating. Rain or shine, you will find Laurier students decked out in green from head to toe wandering the streets on St. Patrick’s Day.

4. Wilf’s

Cheap drinks. Cheap food. And it hosts a variety of themed nights including open mic night, live music night, and trivia night!

5. Pizza Maniac

Right beside King St Residence, this is the go-to for anyone stumbling home after a long night out. Hot, delicious, and filling (even more so at 2am).

6. The Small Campus

While some might find it too small (and there can be an awkward run-in with an ex from time to time), there is a very strong sense of community present at Laurier that you just don’t have at any of the larger universities in Ontario.

7. Winter Carnival

Winter Carnival is a week-long event hosted by the Wilfrid Laurier Students Union. Only $25 per person, so find a team and join in the winter festivities!

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