From downtown campuses to exciting course offerings, each CEGEP has their own unique qualities. However, John Abbott has a few that make it extremely special, and are simply unbeatable. Read on to discover seven reasons (and rest assured, these aren’t all of them) why John Abbott is the best CEGEP in Montreal.

1. The Water

John Abbott College is located in St-Anne-de-Bellevue. And what’s so great about that is that the campus is very close to the water. There’s nothing that makes a campus more scenic than water. If you’re stressed out, sitting on campus and staring at the waves can be a major stress-reliever. If you’d prefer to get even closer, visit St. Anne’s Boardwalk.

2. The Nature

Again, due to the college’s unbeatable location, you will be surrounded by nature. There’s nothing more beautiful or relaxing than the Canadian wildlife. Prepare to see lots of birds, including Canadian Geese, and even the occasional deer.

3. The Farmer’s Market

Not only is John Abbott located next to the water, it’s also located next to McGill’s Macdonald Campus (home to the university’s Agricultural and Environmental Sciences faculty). Macdonald Campus holds a weekly farmer’s market for students. The prices are cheap and all of the food is organic and grown locally.

4. The Sense Of Community

John Abbott has one of the friendliest communities of all the CEGEPs. It still has a large student population so it definitely won’t feel like high school, but most of the students are from the West Island and so a sense of community has developed around that. Plus, unlike Dawson where students come from all over Montreal, it’s likely that the friends you make will live relatively close to you, meaning you can hang out outside of class.

5. The Agora

The Agora is John Abbott’s central student lounge area. However, it’s much more than your average student lounge. There is almost always something happening in the Agora. It has been known to host a myriad of student-related activities from movie screenings to exhibitions, fairs, and musical performances.

6. The Brand New Science Building

Constructed in 2012, the Anne-Marie Edward Science Building is a beautiful new addition to the college’s campus. It’s modern finish stands in stark contrast to the traditional, old buildings that make up the rest of the campus so you can’t miss it! The building has state-of-the-art science facilities featuring 33 laboratories and stands 7 stories tall. If you’re a science major, you’re in great hands.

7. It’s Hollywood Status

Some of you may not know this, but John Abbott is a popular filming location for various American films and TV shows. Over the years, The Secret starring David Duchovny, Blue Mountain State, scenes from Bon Cop Bad Cop, and most recently, X-Men: Apocalypse were filmed on campus grounds. If you’re lucky, you may catch a glimpse of Jennifer Lawrence in between classes!