Does “Ski-U-Mah” mean something to you? Then you’re probably a U of M student! And hey, if you are in fact a U of M student, then you are seriously living the dream. Check out 7 reasons to be jealous of University of Minnesota students.

1. Spring Jam

This 2-day festival for all U of M students is essentially U of M’s personal music festival. What other university can say they have that? Whether you’re a music fan or not, Spring Jam is a great way to celebrate the end of the school year while listening to some awesome bands (and perhaps even participating in the Battle of the Bands competition).

2. Gopher Spirit

Gopher Spirit is undeniable. Goldy Gopher, the school mascot, gets the crowd pumped as thousands of students chant “Ski-U-Mah” meaning “Victory UM.” Let’s be honest, with the incredible Division I sports team at U of M, why wouldn’t there be an intoxicating Gopher spirit?

3. Winter Sports

Ok, so yes Minnesota is a cold state. BUT there are lots of benefits to the cold weather, such as super fun winter sports. From ice skating and sledding to ice fishing, snowmobiling, cross country skiing, and even dog sledding - there is no shortage of winter activities on and off campus for U of M students.

4. Underground Tunnel System

This is just plain cool. U of M students don’t have to go outside to switch from one U of M building to another. That’s pretty much the dream, isn’t it? Created due to the frigid winter weather, these tunnels connect the whole campus and make winter much more bearable.

5. Location

Twin Cities is the perfect mix of city and suburbs. Art, culture, sports - U of M students really have it all. Plus, Twin Cities is home to the largest Renaissance Fair in the nation!

6. Bob Dylan Was Once A Student

Bob Dylan enrolled at the University of Minnesota back in September 1959. It was during his time at U of M that he abandoned rock and roll in favour of folk music, often performing at the Ten O’Clock Scholar (a cafe located a few blocks from campus).

7. The Wine Grape Research Program

That’s right, U of M has a wine grape research program (one of the best in the country!). According to the website, the wine grape research program maintains “the goal of developing high-quality, cold-hardy, and disease-resistant wine grape cultivars.” In 2000, the Horticultural Research Centre opened their very own winery!

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