Living a healthy lifestyle is a challenge for everyone, but it can be particularly difficult when you're young. You think your body is invincible, and so you eat what you want and work out as infrequently as you like without really considering the impact this has on your day-to-day life and the impacts it will have on your future self. We've compiled a list of charts that will explain some key requirements for staying healthy, and make them seem more attainable!

1. Vitamins

Vitamins are an essential part of being healthy. Try and eat as many foods as possible that are high in vitamins, but if you don't think you're getting enough, consider buying a multivitamin (they even come in a delicious berry gummy form for adults!).

2. Student's Guide To A Healthy Lifestyle

This chart gives you some suggestions on how to fit working out and eating healthy into a student's life. It can be difficult to find the motivation to work out or eat properly when you have studying to do or your friends are out partying or the cafeteria serving chicken nuggets is right downstairs. But it's important to try! Once you get into a healthy routine, it will be much easier to stick to it.

3. Dealing with Stress

Stress is the enemy of all students, but is a reality that everyone must face. Especially going from the high school to college level, you are bound to feel stressed about several things. Whether it's social anxiety or final exams, it's important not to let stress get you down. Take a hint from the chart above and try to work through the stress as best you can!

4. Sleep

Yes, you will likely pull at least a few all-nighters in your university career, but it's important to develop a sleep schedule that works for you (in terms of stress levels, energy levels, productivity, and general happiness).

5. Skin

Take care of your skin! Stress is a common cause of breakouts, and since you're likely to be stressed during college, it's important to take care of your skin in other ways. For other (less conventional) beauty tips check out Beauty Tips From History.

6. Running

There are so many amazing benefits to running, and so many fun ways to run (as outlined in the chart above). Plus, you need very little equipment for running and you don't have to join a gym, making it the most cost-effective work out method.

7. Sleeping Positions

Sleeping positions can be detrimental to your body. Be sure that you sleep in a position that is comfortable and won't cause any body parts to tense up. If you currently sleep in one of the 'bad' positions listed above, try out a few new ones this week. Remember, it only takes two weeks to break a habit!

8. Eggs

Eggs are delicious, versatile, cheap, and easy-to-make (basically everything a student could ask for in a meal). Plus, eggs are healthy! Try and add egg to some of your meals to get a major boost of energy in the morning.