Whether you’re a current student or an alumni, I hope this list will remind you of all the wonderful experiences you’ve had while at Penn State.

1. Doing A Double Take At The Backwards Walking Lion Ambassadors

Famous for walking backwards while giving campus tours, you have probably seen PSU’s Lion Ambassadors walking around campus with a gaggle of students and their parents. No matter how many times you see it, it always catches you slightly off guard.

2. Living In East Halls

Oh, East Halls. The home of all freshmen. Though you may not miss the old, shared showers, cramped living spaces, or 30-minute walk to campus, you likely made some great memories here.

3. Getting Swept Up In School Spirit

The community of students at Penn State is easily one of the best things about it. This in part has to do with school spirit. From football to THON, Penn State students love their college and are extremely proud to attend such an amazing institution!

4. Attending A Penn State Football Game Looking Like This:

...and fitting right in with everyone else. The Nittany Lions are an amazing team, why wouldn’t you look like this?

5. Staring In Awe At The Old Main At Sunset

The Old Main is beautiful. The Penn State campus is beautiful. In fact, Pennsylvania generally is beautiful. That is all.

6. Eating Cookies Straight Out Of The Oven From The West Dining Hall

So chewy. So buttery. So delicious. The perfect snack whether you’re on your way to class, or coming home after a long day of studying.

7. Nearly Collapsing At THON

Being so excited for a 46-hour dance party with your friends, only to discover a few hours in that you’re exhausted and a horrible dancer. There’s always next year!