All AP courses are challenging, but AP Chem is truly on a level of its own. Rather than getting bogged down by practice problems and stress, take your time and learn the material at your own pace. This is where a tutor comes in handy - to help you gain a better understanding of the material taught in class, or if you’re self-taught, than to reassure you that you’re on the right track. GradeSlam has amazing chemistry tutors that will be able to answer any AP Chem questions you may have! And the best part, they are online 24/7.

1. Ali

Specialization: Chemistry

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2. May

Specialization: Chemistry, Biology, Math

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3. Assaf  

Specialization: Chemistry & Linguistics

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4. Thurstyn

Specialization: Chemistry, Biology, Physics

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5. Sinchita

Specialization: Chemistry & Math

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6. Matthew

Specialization: Chemistry

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7. Moe

Specialization: Chemistry & Math

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