Located in the heart of downtown Montreal, Concordia is a unique, creative institution in the midst of the city’s hustle and bustle. There are so many reasons you should be proud to attend Concordia, and here are just a few...

1. The Underground Tunnels

Concordia has an amazing set of underground tunnels that connects most of the campuses buildings. So the next time you’re about to walk onto the sidewalk in the middle of January to get to your next class, think twice.

2. The Course Offerings

Concordia has a HUGE variety of courses. Some of the most interesting courses from last year’s course offerings include “Puppetry and Performing Object Workshop,” "Witchcraft, Magic, and Religion,” “Video Games As Literature,” “Montreal’s Festival Culture,” and “The Art of Cool.”

3. Loyola Campus

Loyola is beautiful, full of old buildings and lots of green space. There is a shuttle that goes between Loyola and the downtown campus, or a number of public buses that can get you there. The best part? It’s not very far away (unlike McGill’s alternate campus).

4. The Creative Atmosphere

It is always said that Concordia is artsier than McGill, and this is definitely true when you look at course offerings. But simply walking around the campus, there is a creative vibe in the air. Concordia has many amazing artists, as well as arts-themed clubs, workshops, and other events.

5. It's Dedication To Going Green

Concordia is a university dedicated to going green and environmental sustainability. In addition to a number of sustainable cafes and restaurants on campus (see The People’s Potato below), Concordia has their own farmer’s market and greenhouse. The Concordia Farmer’s Market runs even in the fall and winter (they move indoors), and everything is grown locally and organically. The Concordia Greenhouse is a great option for those wanting to learn more about growing their own food and eating sustainably. And, they offer an 8-month farming internship if you’re really eager.

6. The People’s Potato

The People’s Potato offers FREE LUNCH to students five days a week. The lunches are always vegan and always delicious. But remember to bring your own tupperware - Concordia is all about sustainability (see #5).

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