The University of Washington is an amazing institution. Located in the heart of Seattle and home to the UW Huskies, there are countless reasons why the University of Washington is great. Here are just a few of those reasons.

1. The Ave

Any type of food you can imagine, all within a short walk from campus. Thaigeroom for Thai food, Sharetea for bubble tea, and Aladdin for gyros are just a few of the best.

2. The Parks

The UW campus is surrounded by stunning parks. Although the weather may not be great all the time, on those rare sunny days, there is nowhere better to be. Check out the Botanical Gardens, Gasworks, Arboretum, or Greenlake.

3. The Research Facilities

UW has some of the best research facilities in the country - especially for science. The amount of funding allocated to undergraduate research in the science department is nuts, so be sure to take advantage.

4. The Cherry Blossom Trees

Spring is definitely the most beautiful time of year on the UW campus. Given as a gift from Tokyo, cherry blossom trees adorn the campus in light pink petals and make everything just a bit more magical.

5. Suzzallo Library

The Suzzallo Library is a great place to study. First of all, the reading room looks like Hogwarts. And second, it has one of the best collections of books in the country (even containing one of the world’s largest books, the Bhutan).

6. The entertainment provided by students slipping on the red bricks

Ok, so this one is kind of mean. But every UW student knows that when it rains, the red bricks on campus become super slippery, which means a lot of people can slip and fall. Rumour has it that older students watch from the sidelines as freshmen unknowingly walk across the red bricks and end up slipping and falling down. Lesson here: traction is important. Buy proper shoes.

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