The University of British Columbia is consistently ranked one of the top universities in the world. Nestled on the western tip of Vancouver, UBC boasts top-notch research facilities, world-renowned professors, and a diverse and spirited student body. Academics aside, check out the top 6 reasons UBC is the best school in Canada!

1. Wreck Beach

Yes, that’s right, UBC has a beach on campus. In just a few minutes you can be listening to the calming sound of waves or soaking up the sun in the sand - the perfect study break! Oh and did I mention it’s a nude beach?

2. Public Transport

Free public transport is one benefit of attending UBC. Unlike many other cities, Vancouver’s public transport system is amazing. It’s efficient and the network is huge, easily getting you from the UBC campus to downtown (or whichever neighbourhood you live in).

3. Vancouver

Vancouver is consistently ranked as the world’s most liveable city, and once you live there, it’s easy to see why. In addition to amazing food, universities, and culture, Vancouver’s natural beauty is simply stunning. The mountains and ocean are at your fingertips, what more could you want?

4. Blue Chip Cookies

The best cookies on campus. Located in the main concourse of the SUB, Blue Chip Cookies serves a variety of baked goods including vegan banana bread and their famed marbelous cookie.

5. The Rose Garden

Yet another place on campus to get some much needed peace and quiet after a stressful day. The rose garden is beautiful in itself but it also happens to overlook the ocean and mountains. I could stare at that unbelievable view all day.

6. International Student Community

UBC has a huge international student community. Students from all over the world (not just the US) flock to UBC due to its international reputation. Not only is Vancouver one of the most beautiful cities in Canada, but the arts & science program is particularly attractive for international students.

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