University of British Columbia Okanagan (UBCO) is located in Kelowna, Canada and is one of the best universities in all of Canada. From the ample academic opportunities to Kelowna’s beautiful landscape, UBCO students have a lot of reasons to love their university. Check out 6 reasons to love UBCO.

1. Opportunities

Compared to UBC’s Vancouver campus, UBCO is extremely small (with a student body of just over 8,000 undergraduates). This definitely works to the advantage of the students. There are more opportunities to work one-on-one with professors and to get jobs and internships on campus. In other words, you won’t get lost in a sea of nameless faces like you do on giant university campuses.

2. Gyro Beach

Situated on Lake Okanagan, Gyro Beach is an awesome place to hang out on weekends. Play some beach volleyball, go for a swim, or just have a picnic with your friends.

3. It's Under The ‘UBC’ Name

UBCO is a University of British Columbia university and the UBC system is world-renowned. Its high status means better research facilities, more funds, and ultimately, better opportunities (going back to #1).

4. Skiing

If you’re into winter sports, UBCO is the school for you. You have Big White, Crystal Mountain, and Apex Mountain all within a short drive from downtown Kelowna. Or for a weekend trip, you can head northwest to Sun Peaks in Kamloops.

5. Wine

Kelowna is known for its wine. With beautiful vineyards scattered across the Okanagan Valley, UBCO students have access to some very fine wine.

6. Weather

Unlike rainy Vancouver, UBCO is home to some extreme weather. If you love tons of snow in Winter and dry, hot summer days, then Kelowna is the city for you.

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