College is a unique, stressful, and hilarious time in a student’s life. Take a look at these infographics that accurately reflect what life is like for college students, from the stress level during exams to the food eaten throughout the year.

1. Leaving for college

It’s totally normal to be nervous! Even if everyone around you says you have nothing to worry about and that it will be the best time of your life, going to college is a huge step and will change your life. If you aren’t at least a little nervous, there’s something wrong. And of course Facebook is a must when it comes to leaving for college. How else are you going to show your friends how amazing your college is?

2. The Weekend

Needless to say, your plans for the weekend don’t always works out. Sure, it seems like a great time to catch up on your schoolwork and errands, as well as hang out with your friends, but in reality, it turns into a lot of time spent doing things that are unproductive like browsing Facebook.

3. First semester

Unfortunately it’s inevitable that as the semester progresses, classes get harder and students get increasingly stressed. With exams on the horizon and assignments piling up in all of your classes simultaneously, you’ll spend most of your time stressed about schoolwork, and less time thinking about eating and sleeping properly.

4. Food

In college, especially if you’re a first-year, you probably give almost zero thought into what enters your body. Why take the time to cook for yourself when you have convenient and inexpensive food at your fingertips? This is why ramen noodles are a staple part of any college student’s diet. They’re cheap, easy to make, and will fill you up.

5. What college is really like

There are so many misconceptions about what students actually do at college. Sure there is some studying, some partying, and some Facebook-browsing, but for the most part there is sleep. Now that you’ve moved out the house, you can sleep whenever you want and for as long as you want.

6. Exams

Professors have a way of making exams incredibly difficult without any warning. I hope you don’t encounter any professors like this in your university career, but some seem like they are out to get the students. Rather than writing the exam based on what was primarily discussed in lectures or in the textbook, they focus on one small topic that seemed insignificant at the time, and choose to devote half of the exam to it.

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