From how to study and which books to use, to which topics to study the most, these former AP Macroeconomics and Microeconomics students have got your questions answered! Check out the top tips and tricks for getting a 5 on your AP exam, as told by former AP students.

Tip #1:

"I heard relatively macro is much easier due to the plethora of graphs in Micro (I can attest to that). If you are going to do both, I would strongly recommend Barron's Micro/Macro, to save you money, and it did a decent job on helping me. Only problem is that it only has one practice test for each and its FRQs are not the best.” - Jason63

Tip #2:

“Last year I used Barron's book to study Macroeconomics and I got a 4 on the AP exam. I don't think you'll need additional text books.” - slothrevolution

Tip #3:

“As a self studier of Macro and Micro from last year, I don't think the Princeton Review is a good idea, it felt like it didn't really cover much content. I personally liked the Crash Course books, but Barron's and 5 Steps should be good too.” -simaril

Tip #4:

“I doubt many of us had a background in Econ before taking AP, other than what we gleaned from reading the paper. Which is easier? Probably depends on the individual. I didn't find either overly taxing, but of the 2, I thought macro was a bit easier.” -skieurope

Tip #5:

“The most cost-effective study tool is the internet and Barron's AP prep books.” - econcalc

Tip #6:

“When I took both Macro and Micro last year as a sophomore, I found that the Princeton Review book and ACDC Leadership videos saved my life! I literally knew nothing about Micro 2 days before the exam. After powering through all the ACDC Leadership videos, I learned an entire semesters info in an hour and somehow got 4s on both exams.” - TheTennisNinja

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