Not only is the University of Waterloo consistently ranked as one of the best universities in Canada, it is recognized around the world for its excellence (particularly in Engineering and Math). From notable alumni to the more comprehensive co-op program in Canada, you should count yourself lucky to attend such a fine institution.

1. Co-op

Unbelievably valuable for your future career, but also a great way to make money. Getting to work for 3-5 different companies (perhaps even in countries all over the world) during your undergraduate degree is unbeatable.

2. Computer Programs

Waterloo has world-renowned computer science and computer engineering programs. Nicknamed, the “MIT of the North”, Waterloo has established a good reputation in Silicon Valley thanks to the Canadian founder of Blackberry who graduated from the university.

3. The City of Waterloo

Out of towners may make fun of the city, but it’s truly a great place to live. Away from all the hustle and bustle of Toronto (but not too far to visit on the weekend), and next door to another Ontario University (Wilfrid Laurier), the city is full of students and not overwhelming.

4. Competitive Student Culture

Ok, yes, this might be a bit overbearing for some people, but it’s an inevitable part of Waterloo life. With the high standard of academics comes competition - especially in the Math and Engineering departments. But competition drives excellence, right?

5. Startup Scene

The University of Waterloo encourages and applauds students who are innovative, take risks, and have that entrepreneurial spirit. It provides students with the opportunity to create their own businesses based on an idea and gives them the room to see if it works. This is rare among Canadian universities.

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