Congratulations! You’ve been accepted to one of the most prestigious colleges in the province. We hope you’re ready for an exciting two years ahead! Whether you decide to go on to university or not, Marianopolis is sure to be a great experience. So read on, and discover our list of 5 things every Marianopolis students need to know.

1. Where To Eat At Lunch

Although you’ll have to walk down the hill to get to them, Marianopolis is a prime location for some great quick eats. On Rue Sherbrooke, you’ll find Dagwoods, Starbucks, and Mandy’s Salad Bar (a staple for all Marianopolis students). Or, if you feel like making your own lunch, there is a Metro a few blocks east.  

2. Parking

Parking is extremely difficult at Marianopolis due to its central location in residential Westmount. Most spots are reserved for residents, and students are not allowed to park in the Marianopolis parking lot. Avoid parking on Westmount Avenue, unless you’re looking for a ticket.

3. Wayne’s World

Wayne’s World is Marianopolis’ on-campus convenience store. Located right across from the cafeteria, it has everything you could ever need. From school supplies to candy, Wayne’s World’s got you covered.

4. Amazing Course Offerings

This may be a given considering the prestigious reputation Marianopolis has acquired. But, it’s true. With classes ranging from American Cinema to Existentialism to Comics As Literature, and one even dedicated to Monsters, there really is something for everyone.

5. The Building is Beautiful, But Also Old

There is no question that Marianopolis College is a historic building. Built in 1908, it is quite stunning to look at when standing on Westmount Avenue. However, its age does have some pitfalls. Namely, a lack of air conditioning. Meaning, for the first couple of months, you’ll likely be sweating buckets on a daily basis.