UNC Chapel Hill is an unbelievable college. Whether you’re born and bred in North Carolina or from out of state, we can all relate to Amanda Bynes in She’s the Man when she says “I wanna wear that Carolina Blue!” Check out 5 reasons to love UNC!

1. FallFest

One of the best events of the year, FallFest is an amazing way to kick off the school year. Students effectively take over South Road and Hooker Fields from 8:00pm until 1:30am for a night of fun competitions, games, prizes, performances, and most importantly, free food. A great way to meet new people and learn all about how you can get involved at UNC.

2. Humans vs. Zombies

Organized by the UNC Urban Gaming Club, Humans vs. Zombies is a campus wide game of tag. Oh, and it can last up to a full week! It’s super easy to join in the fun, all you need is a bandana. Read more here.

3. Beautiful Campus

Most of you probably already know this, but I thought I would mention it anyway. UNC is absolutely beautiful. If you’re looking for a stunning and historic campus with a bit of southern charm, UNC is perfect. Fun fact: UNC was founded in 1793!

4. Prominent Greek Life

UNC strikes the perfect balance between Greek life and non-Greek life. Yes, there are a number of sororities and fraternities, and they provide an excellent sense of community, BUT you won’t feel any pressure to join them or not. In essence, whether Greek life is or isn’t your thing, UNC will be an amazing place.

5. Carolina Fever

This is obvious, but UNC has an amazing athletics program. UNC sports teams have won a grand total of 40 NCAA championships in six different sports (21 of which were won by the women’s soccer team and five of which were won by the men’s basketball team). Go Tar Heels!

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