Waking up in the morning is difficult for everyone, but for college students, it's especially hard. Pulling all-nighters, sleeping in late, skipping breakfast - and doing this all over again - can really mess with your sleep routine. Here are few tips to help you start the morning right:

1. Track your morning habits (& then make them more efficient)

Oftentimes we allocate far less time in the morning than we actually need. Try timing your current morning routine, from the moment you wake up until the moment you leave the house. If you only give yourself an hour, but you tend to take longer than that, consider setting your alarm to an earlier time. Or think of some ways to make your morning routine more efficient - such as showering or packing your lunch at night.

2. Make checking your laptop or phone the last part of your morning routine (or eliminate it entirely)

Checking your email, social media pages, and apps are often the biggest eaters of time in a student’s morning. Rather than doing this when you wake up, wait until you’ve showered, eaten breakfast, and gotten dressed and ready before checking your phone or laptop. This will allow you the time you need to complete the important and necessary parts of your morning routine.

3. Try not to sleep in too late on the weekends

It’s important to develop and stick to a routine when it comes to your body. The longer you sleep on the weekends, the harder it’s going to be for your body to wake up early on a weekday.

4. Study in the morning

This isn’t for everyone, but you should give this a try to see if it’s possible because there are so many benefits. Studying in the morning = less people at the library, more energy because you haven’t done other things to tire you out, resources available to you such as university tutoring centres or classmates because they are only open during the day, and finally, less stress, because a) you know you have the whole day ahead of you to work, and b) you will likely be done your work for the day by dinner time and after that you can relax and enjoy your evening

5. Starting off your day in a healthy way!

This means drinking lots of water (adding lemon can give you a real boost), taking a multivitamin, and getting in a short workout routine if you can. Check out more vitamin fun facts here.

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