Exams are nearly here, and it’s time to take a pre-emptive strike against the stress that’s about to build up! What better way to relieve stress than a spa day? It’s time to treat yourself! I’ve compiled a list of easy DIY face-masks that all include stress-reducing ingredients. Pick a couple of your favourites, head to the grocery store, and watch the stress float away.

1. Blueberry Summer Face Mask

Ingredients: blueberries + honey + olive oil + sugar

2. Edible Mud Face Mask

Ingredients: see image

3. Berry-Yogurt Face Mask

Ingredients: plain yogurt + honey + lemon juice + berries

4. Oatmeal & Honey Face Mask

Ingredients: oatmeal + honey + water + milk

5. Cucumber-Brown Sugar Face Mask

Ingredients: cucumber + milk + honey + brown sugar

Happy Relaxing!