There are a lot of great things about CEGEP, but Vanier has a few perks that no other CEGEP in Montreal (or even Quebec) offers. Enjoy the next couple of years ahead of you and be sure to take advantage of all the amazing opportunities that Vanier offers!

1. Great Social Life

Vanier has a great social scene, many thanks to the amazing Vanier College Students’ Association (VCSA). VCSA is constantly planning on-campus events for all students to enjoy, from end of semester barbecues to their famed Nerf Gun Zombie Apocalypse themed orientation week. Vanier also has a great athletics program (go Cheetahs!), as well as a massive sports complex complete with racquetball court and swimming pool.

2. Less Traffic

This is a major plus. Unlike Dawson for example, Vanier is located outside of the city in Ville Saint-Laurent. Though it is farther from the downtown core which might be a bummer for some, it’s location actually has many perks. One huge one is that there is less traffic. However, if you love the downtown bustle, the campus is also located near a myriad of bus routes, as well as the Cote Vertu metro station.

3. Unique Campus Aesthetic

Now, most CEGEP campus are beautiful and feature old, ivy-covered buildings. Where Vanier differs is the amount of green space on campus. There are so many spots to study outdoors, which is perfect in the summer and fall. One other major part of Vanier’s campus is the cemetery. Vanier happens to be built right next to the Saint-Laurent cemetery. Though it may take you a little while to get used to, rest assured, you will.

4. Diverse Lunch Options

If you happen to like cafeteria food, or just want to grab a snack during a quick study break, then take a walk to one of Vanier’s THREE cafeterias (that’s right, three). If cafeteria food isn’t your thing, you’re in luck. Vanier is located next to Decarie which has a multitude of restaurants. In the mood for Chinese? Great! Head over to Shing Do or Kam Mon. Craving Greek food? Diogenes is right around the corner. And of course there is the famous Decarie Hot Dog, home to (arguably) the best steamed hot dog in Montreal.