With UMass being ranked one of the best research institutions in the country, AND Amherst being ranked one of the top college campuses in all of the U.S., you should be proud to attend such a fine institution. This is just a short list of the great things that UMass has to offer. Hope you're having a fantastic school year, Minutemen & women!

1. Movie Screenings

UMass has a great student union that puts on all sorts of activities throughout the school year. In particular, they hold free movie screenings for all students to attend! And the best part? The movie selection is diverse. Some are old classics, some are brand new blockbusters, some are comedies, while some are action films. Just this month, they will be screening Trainwreck and Mad Max: Fury Road. Sounds great to me!

2. The Cafeterias

It’s rare that a student’s preferred place to eat on campus is the cafeteria. Typically, school cafeterias are known for serving...well...not the best food in the world. However, UMass Amherst is an exception to this rule! There are four cafeterias on campus, all worth a visit. In the past decade, the cafeterias and their chefs have won culinary competitions left and right! Rest assured, you’ll never go hungry...though maybe stay away from the chicken pucks.  

3. Pioneer Valley

UMass Amherst is centrally located in the beautiful Pioneer Valley. The Pioneer Valley covers three counties in Massachusetts and features some of the best farmland in the country. Its rolling hills and sprawling forest are stunning any time of year (though they are breathtaking in autumn), making it a prime spot for hiking. If you’re really keen, there is even a Pioneer Valley Hiking Club. If hiking isn't your thing, check out this list of the Top 15 Fall Activities in Pioneer Valley.

4. The Hockey

If you go to UMass, chances are you’ve attended a hockey game. If you’re a freshman, then be sure to get tickets to a game, and ASAP. The UMass hockey team is practically an institution at the university. The UMass Minutemen have been a team for over a century! Founded in 1909, the team used to play exclusively on the pond on campus before being moved to the Mullins Centre. Whether you’re a hockey fan or not, show some school spirit and remember, Go Minutemen!

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