You’ve almost made it through your first year of college - that is pretty amazing. But you’re not quite over the hump yet. Unfortunately, you’ve still got exam season to look forward to. This is most likely how it’s going to go for you:

1. OMG I have exams!

2. This is so much harder than high school…

3. How am I supposed to study when everyone in my dorm is partying?

4. Maybe I could join them, just for one drink?

5. 2 hours later:

6. The next morning: what have I done?

7. Ok, eat some food….

8. And, now it’s cram time.

9. I can do this!

10. Where is my exam again?

11. Oh god… I have no idea where that building is.

12. Why is everyone in the exam room so nervous?

13. Just, relax. Only three more hours and I have officially completed my freshman year of college!

14. After the exam:

15. Wait, do I seriously have three more years of this?

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