The semester’s nearly over! But let’s be honest, you were over it a long time ago. Gone are the days of taking notes and going to class. Now is the time to spend as much time in your bed as possible and watch Netflix with your roommates. Check out 16 signs you’re so done with this semester.

1. You gave up taking notes in class a long time ago

2. You rarely leave your bed

3. You nap at least once a day

4. The freedom of exam time means binging your favourite show on Netflix for three days straight

5. You only start studying for the exam a few days in advance

6. Your daily outfits consist of leggings and sweaters

7. You are going to Starbucks at least twice a day

8. Until you realize there’s not enough coffee in the world to make you study

9. You spend at least four hours a day on social media

10. You can’t be bothered to clean…

11. Or shower

12. You barely freak out when you’re walking to your final exam

13. You roll your eyes at people madly cramming before an exam

14. You may even leave the exam room really early

15. And when the exam is over, you walk out of the exam room like a boss

16. And go back to your bed because it is the best place in the world

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