With prom around the corner, there are a lot of things on your mind - what to wear, how to get there, where to take pictures, but most important, is the question of who you’re going to go with. Whether you want to ask a guy or a girl, a current partner or a long-time crush, the promposals below are sure to woo.

1. Sticky note car

This only really works if the person you’re asking to prom has a car (definitely don’t cover someone else’s car in sticky notes). It is a great and inexpensive option though. Grab some neon coloured sticky notes and go to town!

2. Pizza

Everyone loves pizza, I can’t imagine anyone saying no to this, especially with the “cheesy” pun written on the box. Points for ordering their favourite pizza flavour from their favourite pizza place!

3. Kitten

This is probably the cutest promposal in existence. It is literally impossible to say no to this. However, keep in mind, if you are buying your potential date a kitten, make sure they aren’t allergic and actually want to take care of a kitty (unless of course, you’ve borrowed the kitten from a friend which might be a better idea).

4. Chicken nuggets

Once again, you can’t go wrong with food. The pun adds an extra level of cuteness to this promposal, but seriously, the chicken nuggets are a surefire way to get a date to prom.

5. Fire

This is a bit extreme, but hey, points for effort. This guy not only came up with a great pun, but he was somehow able to get a hold of a fireman’s uniform. Ignore the girl hanging her head and work that confidence!

6. Aladdin

This is amazing. Whether you’re an Aladdin fan or not, who doesn’t want to be swept off their feet by a magic carpet?

7. Disney

If you can afford this (or happen to live in Florida or California), then go for it! A popular spot for wedding proposals, this is sure to be a promposal they will never forget.

8. Donuts

Yet again, food is key. Donuts are delicious and colourful, there’s no way they can resist this promposal (points for knowing and ordering their favourite flavours!).

9. Up

Ok, this is adorable. Whether your potential date is a huge Up fan or not, this colourful, balloon-filled display of affection is a definite winner.

10. Frozen

Who can say no to Olaf? He delivers the best line of the movie (great adaptation for this promposal by the way) and is simply adorable.

11. Vincent van Gogh

This one is definitely way too extreme, but you could look for some sort of fake ear at a Halloween shop. Points for the witty and historical pun (definitely a great option for an art-history fan).

12. Grey's Anatomy

Perfect for a Grey’s Anatomy fan. After this promposal, they are guaranteed to consider you their very own McDreamy or McSteamy.

13. Tiara

Very extravagant, but everyone wants to feel like a princess, right?

14. Fish

A pet and a promposal all in one! This punny promposal is sure to win the heart of your crush. Brownie points for adding a few fun features to the tank (some castles, a bow, etc…).

15. Lego

Who doesn’t love lego? A great and easy way to prompose. Grab some old lego from when you were a kid and glue or tape it onto some bristol board, and there you have it!

16. Golf Balls

Great for a sports-lover, and hey, this one actually takes a fair amount of effort. Gathering all of those golf balls and baseballs couldn’t have been easy.

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