It's that time of year once again. Yearbooks are out and now's the time to read all the funny captions and crazy pictures your fellow classmates got away with including. Whether you're graduating or still have a few years to go, you can take inspiration from the hilarious yearbook captions below.

1. Quoting TMNT Like A Champ

2. The Pessimist

3. I'm not sure his mom would be happy to see this...

4. Reference to Mean Girls? Always a good idea.

5. But...why not?

6. Anatomically correct.

7. Seems legit

8. I see what you did there...clever

9. So true :'(

10. Go Hannah!

11. Great role model

12. Wise words

13. Last-minute confession

14. Poor kid

15. Another shoutout to Queen Bey

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