There are many things we miss about being home when we’re away at school. From the home-cooked meals to the freshly-folded laundry, going home has many perks. The holiday season adds yet another level of excitement to going home, however, it can also lead to a bit of anxiety. Here are the 12 stages of being home for the holidays:

1. When you walk in the door and see your family for the first time in months:

2. When you’re starved from your travels and your mom gives you food, and every taste is better than the last:

3. Seriously, you don’t have time to breathe in between bites:

4. And then naturally, it's time for a nap:

5. You go downstairs and are greeted by more amazing food:

6. You spend time catching up with your family:

7. Maybe see some old friends:

8. You laugh:

9. And at the end of the day, you run to your amazingly comfy bed:

10. You wake up and realize you miss your friends:

11. And living on your own:

12. And you still have two weeks until you go back to university: