Sure, London is cool and Italy has great food, but nothing compares to studying abroad in Australia. Not only is Australia unbelievably beautiful, but it’s remote (which means a proper escape from the stress of home), and has some of the coolest people in the world (not to mention, delicious cookies). So before you apply for an exchange program, be sure to consider all your options. I think you’ll come to the conclusion that Australia’s the place to be.

1. The beaches

2. The outback

3. The animals

4. Tim Tams

5. Home of the freakshake

6. The laid-back people

7. The weather

8. It’s english-speaking

9. It’s far away

10. They have great sports

11. You can take a trip to New Zealand…

12. Or one of the Pacific Islands

13. Or just spend the entire time traveling around Australia (because it’s massive)

14. Not to mention beautiful…

15. What are you waiting for?

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