Studying is exhausting, but there is nothing quite like the feeling you get walking into the exam room, knowing everything you’ve worked for has come down to this. Sometimes they go well, sometimes they are a disaster, but regardless of the outcome, we can all relate to that feeling you get before the exam begins.

When you think about the fact that 50% of your grade rides on this exam:

When you see what other people are studying last minute and realize you haven’t studied any of it:

So you frantically ask your fellow classmates for help:

But they all say they same thing:

When the students who haven’t studied for the exam start to panic:

When the exam invigilator reads through the exam guidelines:

When the room gets weirdly quiet:

And they start passing out the exams:

When you just can’t take the pressure anymore:

And, when you finally accept the truth:

When you walk out of the exam, knowing you did alright…

...or knowing you barely passed:

Regardless of the outcome, you’ve finished!

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