Studying for AP Calculus is pretty much the worst. There is nothing more frustrating than not being able to figure out the answer. Here are a few common reactions you’re likely to experience while studying for AP Calc.

1. You’re exhausted and frustrated after a day of studying:

2. You dream of tearing your homework to shreds:

3. The rage builds up but you’re too angry to let it out:

4. Or not....

5. You finish a problem and realize the answers aren’t in the back of the textbook:

6. And so you give this sarcastic thumbs up to your textbook:

7. Your stomach is grumbling but you know you have at least another hour’s worth of calc homework:

8. You power through:

9. You’re one question away from finishing, and you keep telling yourself:

10. You've completed the last question!!

11. You instantly realize how tired you are:

12. And of course you end up dreaming like this:

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