Do you have that one roommate who can be a bit passive-aggressive? Or perhaps you’re the one always leaving sticky notes around the house asking your roomies to clean up after themselves? Either way, you know you’re in a bit of a tough situation. Whether you’re the aggressor or the aggressee, this list will probably strike a chord with you. Check out 12 pictures only people with passive-aggressive roommates will understand.

1. This is amazing

2. That last point though...

3. This is what nightmares are made of

4. Well that's just rude...

5. Awwww...ok that may actually make me stop

6. This sounds reasonable

7. Pure genius

8. The sticky-note addict

9. The food thief

10. Did they print those out just to do this?

11. I mean, this is kind of warranted

12. Truer words were never spoken

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