Otherwise known as 11 Ways for Students to minimize going outside.

1. Check if your lectures are recorded

2. If they aren’t, but you have a friend in the same class as you, consider taking turns going to class

3. Use hand and foot warmers

4. Get an online tutor so you don’t have to go to the tutoring centre for help

5. Get all of your food delivered

6. Even your coffee

7. Invest in a public transit pass

8. See if your campus has any underground pathways

9. Bring food & drinks with you to the library so you don’t have to go out for a coffee run

10. Or don’t bother going to the library at all

11. If you’re doing research for a paper, look for journal articles and e-books that are available online

If none of these are an option for you, it’s time to start bundling up, A Christmas Story-style.