Ah, yes. Black Friday has come around once again. No longer only confined to the United States, the Black Friday sensation is sweeping the globe. So a word of warning to all: prepare for some amazing deals, but also some crazy crowds - so crazy in fact that things can get dangerous. Be safe, be prepared, and happy shopping (if you are someone that still chooses to partake in Black Friday). For those of you that refuse to participate in the Black Friday madness, enjoy these hilarious memes.

1. For all the non-Black Friday shoppers:

2. Having to defend the items you want from other shoppers:

3. When you contemplate the irony of Black Friday:

4. When you know how true this statement is:

5. When you begin judging everyone around you:

6. The moment you realize how much is at stake:

7. When you spend more money in preparation for Black Friday than you actually save on Black Friday:

8. When you realize what matters most (and the answer is not your family):

9. When you further contemplate the irony of Black Friday:

10. When you give up on the whole Black Friday thing which you should have done in the first place:

11. When you refuse to let anything get you down after a day of shopping: