With Spring Break soon approaching, it's time to start planning. For all those going away for Spring Break (or dreaming of going away for Spring Break), here are a few key tips on staying safe and ensuring you have a great time. From the most popular Spring Break destinations to the best clothes to pack, these infographics will undoubtedly prepare you for your March adventures.

1. This list of top 10 Spring Break destinations:

2. What the typical Spring Breaker looks like:

3. Tips for those enjoying their break in Florida:

4. What to pack for Spring Break (men):

5. What to pack for Spring Break (women):

6. Some basic Spring Break stats:

7. And some more stats:

8. How to stay safe in the sun (you don't want to come back a lobster!):

9. General survival tips:

10. These tips for safe Spring Break driving: