Taken from college redditors around the world, we’ve compiled a list of habits all high school students need to stop before entering college. Whether they’re as easy to break as not raising your hand to go to the bathroom, or as hard as bragging about your high school accomplishments, breaking these habits in advance will make freshman year a little bit easier. Bottom line: college is not high school (and that’s a good thing)! Check out 11 habits all high school students should break before starting college.

1. "Get too hyped up / have too high expectations of your college. No matter how good they make it sound during the application process, there are crappy parts about every university." - banterwhale

2. "Don't raise your hand to ask to go to the bathroom." -black_flag_4ever

3. "Stop thinking that pretty much anything you accomplished in high school will be relevant to college. This means the grades you got, your SAT score, making varsity teams, being class president. If you apply for a job during college then it will matter a little bit, but once you start college you've pretty much got a clean slate." -messykatie

5. "Don't have extreme expectations for your roommates." -awkgirl007

6. "Stop relying on your parents, you're in college they can't write you a sick note or help with your homework anymore." -aRabidGerbal

7. "Don't be the idiot who makes pancakes/waffles in class. Don't be the idiot who talks about how drunk they got. Don't bring your damn pets or kids to class." -Nurbs101

9. "Stop borrowing the stuff of the people you live with without asking." -Madisposa

10. "Stop convincing yourself you won't gain the freshman 15 just because you are naturally thin. It'll happen to the best of us if you don't take care of yourself."-1Hello_kitty1

11. "Do not freak out if you don't finish all of the readings (obviously you want to turn in papers and other physical homework assignments on time). I took 18 credit hours all four years of school (I love taking classes, what can I say) and I just physically couldn't get all of the readings done sometimes. Just try to get the tl;dr so you have some idea of what's going on." -tdime 23

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