Living with a roommate is a huge adjustment. It’s not the same as living at home with your parents and it’s certainly not the same as living on your own. Deciding to live with one or more other people your age means dealing with the study habits, eating habits, social habits, and worst of all, cleaning habits of another person. This can be an extremely difficult task. But rest assured, you’ll come out of the experience will a few new skills in your back pocket. Check out 8 skills to master when living with roommates.

1. How to communicate openly and honestly with another person

2. How not to be passive-aggressive

3. How not to care when your roommate leaves their stuff around the apartment

4. How not to care when your roommate leaves their dishes in the sink

5. How to be as quiet as possible when you’re getting ready for class in the morning

6. How to do chores

7. How to respect another person’s space

8. How to cook for two (or more)

9. How to block out noises of all kinds

10. How to make it look like you haven’t borrowed a bit of milk when you actually have

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