Sure, Vancouver’s beautiful and Toronto is big, but there’s no city quite like Montreal - especially for students. Montreal has amazing nightlife, delicious food, world-renowned universities, and it’s inexpensive. Seriously, there’s nowhere better in Canada to be a student. Check out 10 reasons why Montreal is the best university city in Canada.

1. Nightlife on St. Laurent

St. Laurent is the place to be if you’re a university student looking for a night out. First off, cover is cheap (if nonexistent), second, the drinking age is 18 in the province of Quebec, and third, St. Laurent is filled with students. Close to McGill, Concordia, and UQAM, St. Laurent boasts tons of bars and clubs with a great student vibe.

2. It’s Bilingual

If you’re a native English speaker who’s moving to Montreal for university, then this is a huge perk. Though you’ll have to do a bit of work to become fluent in French, living in Montreal will at least teach you the basics.

3. Restaurants in the Plateau

The food in Montreal is amazing. There are so many restaurants all over the city, but particularly in the Plateau, that will make you wonder why you ever lived anywhere else. With Indian, Chinese, Southern, and of course, poutine restaurants in every direction, you can’t go wrong.

4. Hipsters in Mile End

In Montreal, you can be whoever you want to be. And if you want to be a hipster, then you’re in especially good company. Mile End was recently listed as one of the top ten hipster neighbourhoods in the world.

5. There are tons of students

Concordia, McGill, UQAM, and the University of Montreal all call Montreal home, which means you can find students almost anywhere in the city. It’s a great atmosphere - especially during frosh week.

6. Low cost of living

Not only relative to the rest of Canada, but relative to the rest of the world, Montreal is cheap. Rent is half of what it is in Toronto and nearly two thirds cheaper than Vancouver.

7. Ample job opportunities

For both bilingual and unilingual speakers, there are tons of job opportunities for students in Montreal.

8. Music festivals

Montreal is the cultural capital of Canada, and it is particularly known amongst students for its awesome music festivals. From Igloofest in the heart of Winter to Osheaga in summer, there are always cool music festivals and concerts happening in Montreal.

9. The green space

Right in the centre of Montreal is Mont Royal. This mountain is a great place to go for a walk, a run, have a picnic, or take some pictures when you make it to the top. In the winter, you can even go cross country skiing, snowshoeing, or skating on Beaver Lake. If you’re looking to relieve some stress outdoors in Montreal, you don’t have to go far.

10. The weather

Ha! I’m kidding...sort of. The Montreal winter seems to last forever, which for some is a major pitfall of attending university there, but for those that like snow and winter sports it’s a huge perk. Going back to my previous point, Mont Royal hosts a variety of winter activities, ice skating rinks are set up all around the city, and there are several proper mountains nearby for those that are into skiing and snowboarding. And hey, once the weather does finally get warmer, there is truly nothing better than a Montreal summer.

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