Do you have a group project coming up? A major test? A research paper? Or perhaps all of the above? Fear not! There’s an app out there that can help you with any student-related trouble, from time management to last-minute revision. Our list is guaranteed to make your life easier in more ways than one. Not only will these apps help develop good study habits, but their mobile platforms will make your bag lighter and reduce your carbon footprint! So get those app stores open and start downloading!

1. MyStudyLife

My Study Life is a great app to keep you organized for the school year. Not only does it have a to-do list function where you can set reminders and alerts for deadlines that are nearing, but there is a built-in timetable function that allows students to input the details of all of their classes (dates, times, locations, etc…) as well as any other extra-curricular activities. The app gives you a daily run-down of events, stating how many classes you have remaining, which tasks are still incomplete, and notifies you if it detects any overlaps in your schedule, ensuring you won’t have to miss a class again!

2. EasyBib

We all know how tedious writing citations can be, and how nitpicky our teachers are when it comes to citing correctly. And although citing our sources is vital (to avoid any accusations of plagiarism and to lend credibility to our work, among other reasons), it is a necessary evil we must accept. Therefore, why not make it easier on yourself? EasyBib is an app designed to create your bibliographies and footnotes for you. By simply selecting the style of citation (they offer MLA, APA and Chicago), and the title of the book or URL of the website used, the app will generate a full bibliographic citation for you that you can then copy and paste into your paper. You’ll never lose marks on a paper from improper citations again!

3. Dropbox

With the limited attachment size of email and the hassle of carrying around a USB stick, Dropbox is the perfect website for sharing files. By signing up, you receive 2 GB of free space to upload content that you can share with others or keep private. It’s perfect for group projects or any sort of document that needs to be worked on by multiple people. You can also upload photos and videos, and share entire folders with your friends!

4. Scribd

Frequently referred to as “the Netflix for books,” Scribd is a digital library with millions (yes, millions) of ebooks, audiobooks, and documents available. They have a variety of genres, so whether you need to write a book report on Moby Dick, or have to do research on the Cold War for a history paper, Scribd has you covered.

5. Snap2PDF

With the paperless classroom trend underway, and the turn away from desktop computers towards laptops, your access to a printer may become increasingly limited. Snap2PDF is an extremely convenient app that allows you to scan a document or photo with your smartphone. You simply open the app, take a picture of the document in question, and the app will instantly generate a PDF version, allowing you to open it on your computer or email it to your classmates.

6. Duolingo

Having trouble in a language class, or simply looking to learn another language? Duolingo is an excellent start. The app has lessons available at the beginner, intermediate, and advanced levels in 23 languages. Each level has numerous lessons you have to successfully complete before moving to the next. The app is not only educational, but it’s fun! There are a variety of games incorporated into each of the lessons, making it accessible to people of all ages. It’s also extremely versatile - great as a study aid for a Spanish test, or as a way of learning a completely new language your school doesn’t offer a class on.

7. Doodle

Coordinating multiple peoples' schedules can be hard, but unfortunately, when you’re assigned a group project, it’s something you have to deal with. In order to avoid the hassle of messaging back and forth for an hour trying to figure out a time that works for everyone, you should download the Doodle app. Doodle is a scheduling app that allows you to send an invite to anyone you like with multiple meeting date and time options. Your other group members simply have to select all of the possible options that work for them. The website keeps track of everyone’s responses and instantly reveals which options have been chosen by the greatest number, in other words, which meeting times work for everyone (or the majority of people) in your group.

8. ExamTime

ExamTime is the perfect app to help you prepare for exams. The app allows you to create a myriad of study tools including quizzes, flashcards, and mind maps on any given topic. You can even upload your notes and share them with your classmates using the group study function. Though ExamTime is great for studying for a major test, it can also be used throughout the semester as a review tool.

9. Todoist

Are you tired of lugging around your day planner with you everywhere you go? Or, do you have trouble remembering all of the tasks you have to do in a given day? This app is perfect for you! Todoist is an app completely dedicated to creating customized to-do lists, in the most organized and efficient way possible. The app allows you to set deadlines, reminders, and bookmark web pages, as well as uses an extensive interface for the ultra-organized who like to note sub-tasks or sub-projects within major ones.

10. RescueTime

For all the procrastinators out there, this is the app for you. RescueTime tracks how much time you spend on a certain mobile app, website, or phone call and then sends you a warning after you’ve been on the same website for a set amount of time. The app will even create a daily and weekly graph telling you how productive you were. Ensure you’re never on Facebook for more than 10 minutes at a time! This is a great app for those struggling with self-control or time management. Check out 10 Best Tips To Stay Productive for even more tips!