Whether you like winter or not, you must admit, it has its perks. Not only is there a huge array of fun, adrenaline-rushing winter sports, but snow can be downright beautiful. If you simply refuse to get in the winter spirit, give these movies a try.

1. The Revenant

Filmed during the winter in BC and Alberta, the setting is simply stunning. Check your local theatre listings.

2. Happy Feet

An adorable tale of a tap-dancing Emperor Penguin named Mumble.

3. The Mighty Ducks

The perfect movie to remind you about the great sport of hockey.

4. The Harry Potter Series

The snow-covered rooftops of Hogwarts are more than enough to get you in the mood.

5. The Shining

A slightly more sinister tale, but the snow-covered hotel will make you want to run away to a cozy cabin in the mountains just the same.

6. The Day After Tomorrow

Marvel at the effects of a “superstorm” taking over the globe (and then get cozy in the nearest library).

7. Ice Age

A fun, animated movie with loveable characters and an ice-cold setting.

8. The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe

The setting is magical and will you remind you of the wonders that winter bring.

9. Frozen

The most beautiful winter wonderland you'll ever see.

10. Everest

It may make you never want to go hiking again, but the setting is beautiful and you will definitely want to be cozy in your bed watching this one.