Whether you’re stressed over school or angry at the weather, these pictures are guaranteed to take your mind off your troubles and cheer you up. Check out these hilarious burrito-themed memes and then run to the nearest Chipotle because I bet this article has reminded you how hungry you are (and how amazing burritos are).

1. Burrito would have made room for you on that door:

2. Demi and Burrito re-creating this beautiful moment in Ghost:

3. Burrito even looks good in the rain:

4. Who knew burritos could drive lawn mowers?

5. People think this scene is creepy? I can’t imagine a better love interest:

6. There’s no denying it, Burrito makes a great picnic date companion:

7. Who hasn’t had the time of their life at Chipotle:

8. If Burrito had been the leading man all along, Kate would have never tried to lose him in 10 days:

9. Burrito > Boombox any day of the week:

10. If you think about it the foil on Burrito sparkles in the sun (just like Edward):