There are some things that are just so freshman you can’t help but notice them, you know? If you were once a freshman or are currently a freshman, then you’ll likely relate to and recognize a lot of the experiences highlighted in the GIFs below. Without further ado, check out 10 GIFs that perfectly epitomize being a freshman.

1. When you're still a little new at the whole drinking thing

2. When you're overly excited for class

3. When you meet someone who likes the same TV shows as you

4. When you experience the wonders of a fake ID

5. When you go a little bit too hard during orientation week and people you barely know have to take care of you

6. Your eating habits

7. Classic freshman wardrobe

8. Your reaction when you start your first day of college

9. You during orientation week...and every other weekend of the semester

10. And finally, when you realize the truth about college

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