Taking the exam is tough, but waiting for your results? That’s the hard part. When you’re not constantly refreshing the exams page, you’re texting your friends asking if they’ve gotten their results back. It’s a sad, stressful, and anxious time. Check out 10 GIFs that epitomize what it feels like waiting to get your exam results back.

10. When you’re constantly refreshing the page to see if your exam marks have been posted

9. When you’re really unsure about how your exams went and you sit there worrying

8. When you think about how little you studied beforehand

7. When you get a text from your friend saying they got theirs back but yours still isn't up

6. When your teacher emails you to tell you exam grades will be up soon

5. When you know marks were due last week but you still don’t have your results

4. And when you finally see that the results page has been updated

3. And you either do well

2. Or you do terribly

1. But regardless, the waiting is over!

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