2. Justin Trudeau is the second youngest prime minister in Canadian history. He was sworn into office at age 43. Canada’s youngest prime minister was Joe Clark who was sworn in at age 39.

3. Justin Trudeau has participated in several charity boxing matches.

4. Justin Trudeau has acting chops - he starred in CBC’s The Great War in 2007.


5. Justin Trudeau is the first prime minister to be born in Ottawa (born on December 25, 1971).

6. Before becoming a politician, Just Trudeau was a high school teacher. He taught French, drama, and math.

7. Justin Trudeau has a party trick that involves him throwing himself down a flight of stairs.

8. Justin Trudeau spent the morning after his election win thanking Canadians at metro stations in Montreal.


9. Justin Trudeau has two tattoos, making him the only Canadian prime minister with a tattoo (that we know of).

10. Justin Trudeau proposed to his wife, Sophie, in the St. James Hotel in Old Port, Montreal. The couple later held their wedding reception in the same hotel.

Happy Canada Day, everyone!

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