College can be a big adjustment. Living in a dorm and taking college classes are two major life changes. Not to worry, however, because we’ve created a list of college hacks guaranteed to make freshman life that much easier (some are useful and some are just plain hilarious)!

1. Use food as a study incentive

For every paragraph, you get a gummy bear!

2. Make friends with your classmates

If you have a friend in every class, it will be easy to get notes from them if you're unable to attend a class or two.

3. Listen to recorded lectures at 1.5x speed

Listen to your lecture recordings at an increased speed to get through them much faster.

4. Tape a dryer sheet over your fan to make your dorm room smell better instantly

Dorms can get pretty gross - this is a quick way to make them smell good as new!

5. Never pay full price for a textbook

If you're paying full price for a textbook you're doing it wrong. Check out A Student's Guide To Buying Textbook for more details.

6. Set your phone lock screen to your class schedule during your first week of class

This will make things so much easier!

7. Buy shower sandals

Shared showers are truly digusting. Be sure to have appropriate footwear like flip flops or the shower sandals above.

8. Cook pasta in a coffee pot

You have to get creative if you're living in a dorm. Without access to a stove, a coffee pot is a great alternative for making a quick pasta dish!

9. Never get caught looking at your phone again

The professor will never know!

10. Don’t waste money on an umbrella

Really strapped for cash? These hilarious college students used a cardboard box to protect themselves from the rain instead of wasting money on an umbrella. Seems logical...

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