I know in college we all tend to have 'Peter Pan Syndrome,' but really growing up isn't so bad. Being an adult isn't all that different from being a teenager, and luckily you have college to slowly transition you into adulthood. Whether you feel like you've gotten the hang of the whole adult thing already, or you're terrified of the word 'adult' in all contexts, we hope this list will help you on your next great adventure of adulthood!

1. For those times when you need to wear a tie:

2. For those times when you've been invited to a friend's for dinner and have been told you can't bring something store-bought:

3. When you start crying during an SPCA ad and begin to think seriously about adopting a puppy:

4. When you have no clean underwear left in your drawer:

5. When you're trying to impress a date by cooking them dinner:

6. When you get called back for a job interview:

7. When you realize you hate your job and need to find a new one:

8. For when you start to see the affects of your college diet of ramen noodles, Domino's, and pop tarts:

9. When you have to dress up for work every day:

10. When you can longer use your parent's credit card: