You’ve trudged through snow to get to campus, you finally find the perfect spot in the library, you take out all of your books and laptop, only to discover that you can’t connect to the wifi. This is basically every student’s worst nightmare.

1. Denial:

2. *Aggressively turn Wi-Fi on and off*

3. Creepily check if the person’s Wi-Fi beside you is working.

4. Text your friend to complain.

5. Browse Facebook on your phone while you’re waiting.

6. Consider creating a Wi-Fi hotspot using your phone...

7....Then remember your $300 phone bill from last month.

8. Let the anger build up inside you.

9. Where’s the nearest Starbucks?

10. I could just go home...

11. Do I really need internet?

12. Yes, yes I do.

13. Blankly stare at your computer screen in rage.

14. Pack up and leave campus.